Immersed in Christ

A Journey in 5 Steps

Immersed in Christ is a parish-based program for the spiritual development of Catholic lay people.



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Immersed in Christ is a five step program. It encourages and challenges people to deepen their relationship with Christ and to use that relationship as the foundation for a lifelong journey.

The first step is to choose to make Jesus Christ as Savior an active participant in everything you do. (Christian)

The second step is to choose to lead a life characterized by reflection on the message of Jesus. (Disciple)

The next three steps are based on our baptismal consecration.

The third step is to choose to make everything in your life and lifestyle bear witness to Christ. (Prophet)

The fourth step is to choose to mediate the life of God to others, (Priest)

The fifth step is to choose to take responsibility for establishing the Kingdom of God. (King)


Are you ready to jump in and be Immersed in Christ? You can start from anywhere, but you never know where the journey will take you.


God our Father,
we adore you and we trust you.
Jesus Christ our Savior,
we believe in you.
God the Holy Spirit,
we surrender our hearts to you.

You invite us to personal relationship with you.
You make yourself knowable to us.
You ask us to bear witness to you.
You bind us together as a community of believers.
You call us to establish your reign.

Help us love you.
Help us know you.
Help us live by your words.
Help us serve one another.
Help us make your kingdom come.

Guide us, keep us and nourish us.
Lord Jesus Christ, live in our hearts forever.



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